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Spark Experience

Discover how to Spark Joy to smother out the feeling of emptiness and ignite a more meaningful purpose with the Spark Experience

Next Event Starts Wednesday, May 22nd

Discover how to Spark Joy to forever blot out the feeling of emptiness and Ignite a more meaningful purpose! I’ll help you create your SPARK playbook where you Reconnect to your pre-mom self and Experience: twice the meaning, twice the connection, and twice joy in your day-to-day life.

And we’ll do it in 30 days or less…

Imagine 30 days from now…


It’s the start of your day and you’ve already had a great morning. The kind of morning where you get out of bed feeling energized and excited about what’s ahead.


You can choose how you’ll spend your time – meditating or exercising, reading a book or journaling, enjoying a leisurely cup of tea or coffee with your husband or friend—and you feel inspired to engage in the activities you put off while raising your kids. You notice that you’ve gradually been able to add the rituals and activities you’d always hoped you’d have the time and space for.

As you pamper yourself and get dressed in one of your favorite outfits – one that makes you feel beautiful and confident- imagine that old feeling of emptiness and loneliness you used to feel is—gone.

You no longer feel invisible, unimportant, or unappreciated. Instead of anxiously waiting for your kids to call or text you – secretly hoping they need your help with something or they’ll share all the details of their life with you like they would their best friend—you no longer feel hurt when you don’t hear from them.

Instead, you feel a sense of anticipation, joy, and gratitude because you have a clear purpose that you’re excited about working towards. You’re more interesting to your kids, friends, family and husband---and even more attractive because now they see you in a new light. They can hear your excitement and passion about what you are doing. But most of all, you’ve stopping boring yourself… and you’re more interesting to the woman in the mirror! And because your family no longer worries that they have to take care of your feelings or worry about whether you will nag them about something they should or shouldn’t be doing, they are more eager to talk to you. They love hearing about what you are trying to achieve in your own life. And because you have your own interests – they are more into sharing what they are doing too. You are genuinely happy for all your kids’ successes because you are experiencing your own wins in life. You can better relate to them too because you are trying new things just like they are.

You no longer feel lonely or stuck in a sea of sadness either… because now that you are doing things that matter to you, you have found family, friends, neighbors, and new people who are drawn to you because they have similar interests.

You feel more youthful and alive as you start to recognize yourself and remember all the great qualities you and others loved about you before you had kids. As you reignite your best qualities, people describe you as charged up, full-of-life, fun, happy, interesting, joyful, and inspiring.

You feel a sense of anticipation, joy, and gratitude…and each day you are inspired and energized because you have a clear purpose that you are excited about working towards.

This isn’t a dream –it’s possible for you when you reclaim the amazing woman you’ve always been but may have forgotten. I know because not only has it happened for me, it’s happened for other women I’ve helped.

Let me introduce myself…My name is Cindy Cyr and four years ago, when my youngest child, Dalton, left home at 17 ½ years old I felt lost. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t known this day was coming. It didn’t make sense. I was on this roller coaster of emotions, one minute I’d feel angry and the next sad. It seemed as if random emotions entered my world for no reason. After all, I had a lot to be grateful for, yet I found myself irritable, unmotivated, and unsure what to do next.

At first, I didn’t even attribute it to him leaving home. Until one night, when I got together with a bunch of girlfriends from high school that I hadn’t seen in almost twenty years. All the women were recent empty nesters, and when I asked; “What’s the best thing that has happened in your life this past year?” only one could come up with something good to say.


Several said, “My life is pretty boring.” One talked about an endless number of struggles, and not just hers, but family members, including her ex-husband. Much of the conversation revolved around each woman’s kids and what they were doing with their lives, but there wasn’t really any conversation about what each of these women were excited about in their own lives.


It struck me that these women were vibrant, intelligent, leaders and accomplished women. In high school, they had been presidents of clubs and captains of teams or squads that took enormous amounts of effort to lead. I couldn’t help but wonder how — lost in the bliss and duty and busy-ness of motherhood — we’d somehow forgotten how amazing we are?

The stories were the same wherever I met an empty nester. Too many confided that they felt as if they were “shrinking”, or invisible. I found the groups around this change to be depressing rather than hopeful.

Seeing that there were so many strong, amazing, beautiful women who were struggling, I felt this was unacceptable. They – you – have so much to offer the world!

Struggle feels comfortable. It's part of what keeps us stuck. We hear it reinforced in the media, in stories about how our parents struggled or how it's difficult to make a living. And I noticed that because we didn't have clarity about what was next, we defaulted to struggle.

When I asked my mom about her experience, I discovered it was very different. She had been excited and told me all the amazing things she did during her empty nest years, so I knew it didn’t have to be this way!

I realized I have successfully reinvented myself many times before – circumstances that too often leave people devastated, and unable to move on. Yet my experience is of manifesting the most epic version of my life in the wake of major life changes…

I started asking the right questions, and very soon joy became my default.

Figuring this out started me on a path of self-discovery that awakened a side of myself I hadn’t seen in some time.

That is when I founded The Joyful Empty Nester.

By breaking down exactly how I have been able to do it before, I came up with the exact steps to repeat my success in this stage of life - which I now call the SPARK Method.

It is this exact process that helped me create a whole new life when my first husband walked out on me on Christmas Eve leaving me with a ton of debt I didn’t know existed. In fact, it helped me manifest my soulmate when I met my current husband, Frank, after I followed these same steps. After only a couple of months of dating Frank, I shocked myself when I revisited what has now become my SPARK playbook, and I discovered my description was a perfect match for him!

When my oldest sister Sue was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, she lived 1,000 miles away and died without me being able to spend time with her because my employer would not let me off work. I vowed I’d never be in that position again and (using my SPARK Method) quit my job to become a copywriter. Within about 1.5 years I was generating six-figures from my writing and able to work from anywhere in the world.

So, once again, I had an opportunity to design a new chapter, and fill it with significant milestones that enrich my life.

Within two years of becoming an empty-nester, I co-authored a book with a best-selling author (100 best business books); spent a lot of time with my parents in their final years despite living a thousand miles from them; and I got to take my husband on a surprise 60th birthday trip – an incredible experience we travelled to Greece, Italy and Turkey. I also travelled to 12 other countries, 28 states and Washington D.C. during that time. I feel happier and more excited about what the future holds, and my husband and I have become closer than ever.


The real test came in 2020. Like many of us, it was a challenging year. Within a 35-day time-period, my mom fell and suffered a traumatic brain injury, one of my best friends of 43 years ghosted me with no explanation, my house flooded, I lost 75% of my income overnight when the COVID-19 shut down happened, and then my mom died.

Despite all this, the SPARK method filled the year with a lot of joy and became one of the most significant years of my life. It even helped my dad, who was with us 24/7 for 9 months following my mom’s death, to be able to experience a great deal of joy. To me, this was a real testament. He was deeply in love with my mom and they were married for nearly 60 years. Through COVID, he was cut off from family, friends, his church, and neighbors and my mom’s death could have been devastating for him.

I also found that my kids showed me more appreciation and our relationship feels even stronger. I even started receiving “appreciation texts”, and my oldest son brings me flowers every week when he is in town. Both our boys enjoy spending time with my husband and I and we have deep, meaningful conversations with them. The oldest who lives near us comes for dinner each week and both of our “adult kids” talk about life, dreams, and goals – and they are the ones to bring it up.

With confirmation I was onto something that could really help, I invited a group of women for an inaugural SPARK Experience in the spring of 2021. The outcome was even more powerful than I anticipated.

Here’s what one of the participants had to say:

“The first time I spoke to Cindy about how my empty nester experience was going, I confided in her that I felt I was just passing the time until I died. The Spark Experience gave me tools to ignite joy when I’m having a moment and helped me to figure out a plan that has me excited about what’s next. It is the perfect mixture of connection, fun, and self-discovery.”

As someone who built a career helping clients such as Zig Ziglar, ForbesBooks, Magnetic Marketing, and Robin Robins to improve their business results and interviewing hundreds of CEOs and company founders to capture their stories to help others, I now want to help women figure out how to be excited about “what’s next” in this stage of their lives.

I want you to have something to look forward to because I feel strongly that women, especially moms, are a positive force in the world with A LOT to offer. You—they—deserve to feel happy and excited about life.

Now I’m dedicating my time to help women climb out of their empty nest and fly, by sharing my SPARK method. Helping you to reconnect to your pre-mom self and create your own SPARK playbook, in 30 days or less, so you can experience twice the meaning, connection, and joy in your day-to-day life now that the kids are gone.


This is your time to shine, feel fulfilled and recognized.

Join my next online SPARK Experience beginning on Wednesday, May 22nd. During our time together, I’ll be working with you in a small group of empty nest (or almost empty nest) women in this virtual workshop so you can fly in this next stage of life. 

If you are an empty nest woman struggling with…

· Direction or finding new purpose now that the kids have left home

· Motivation or inspiration

· Feeling unsure what to do next

· Feeling empty, sad or lonely

Then the SPARK Experience is for you.

If you’d like to experience twice the meaning, twice the connection, and twice the joy in your day-to-day life, then consider joining me in my second online beta group...

Module 1

Sound Bites That Move The Needle

You will identify your biggest achievements in nine areas of your life following our guided deep-thinking activity as you begin to create your SPARK Playbook and can design your future by aligning with things based on your own values and strengths so you discover what moves the needle the most, do more of what matters and less of what distracts you from your passionate purpose.

Module 2

Permission to Let Go

Because it is shown that most people go off course, feel stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled or uninspired because they are living their life based on things that no longer suit them, we use a scientifically proven process to help you get clarity about what those things are so you can be the driver in your own life, doing more of what lights you up so you gain peace, energy, joy, and freedom.

Module 3

Awaken What Sets Your Heart on Fire

Reveal interests and sides of yourself you may have only ever felt in a short flash but never had time to explore using our guided proprietary activity which incorporates all your senses and gives you instant clarity about what makes you excited, feel alive, and sets your heart on fire.

Module 4

Recall and Reframe What Matters Most

Reclaim the amazing woman you've always been, but may have forgotten as we lead you on a journey to recall what's helped you live your best life so far so you can apply these strategies and get where you want to go in your next chapter in life.

You'll also discover how to reframe self-talk in this powerful exercise that is remarkably fast at helping you experience more joy, positivity, and gratefulness.

Module 5

Kickoff to Joyful Living

Melt away the feelings of emptiness as you harness the powerful life- envisioning SPARK playbook. You'll bring everything together and know exactly what's the most important thing to focus on next with your deeply personal game plan that will pull you towards a breathtaking next chapter of life and help you explore and reimagine a future with twice the joy, connection, and meaning now that the kids are gone.

During the SPARK Experience you'll discover:

Live group training: Reignite your best qualities, feel inspired, and discover how to find and create JOY even in your darkest moments. You'll receive live group trainings once a week during the 4 week experience where you'll be able to interact directly with other women ready to put the SPARK back into their lives and SPARK Experience creator Cindy Cyr to help you find direction, reset and explore your inner most desires in your life so you'll no longer feel stuck in a sea of sadness or emptiness because you'll be too busy enjoying things that matter to you, bring you joy, and make you feel grateful.

SPARK Playbook: Process the emotions you're experiencing in your empty nest and utilize this SPARK Playbook to help you overcome stress, anxiety, sadness, and the empty nest blahs. You'll use this to peel back the layers, find what's holding you back and what excites you, and design your ideal empty nest chapter so that you can fly and set your heart on fire doing things you're madly in love with and dumping what drains you.

Checklists: Quickly recalibrate to the joy default whenever you are experiencing a down moment with our handy checklists.

Q & A Sessions where you can get all your questions answered or get some side-door coaching by listening in to what others ask.

Access to course creator, Cindy Cyr: If there is something you don't feel comfortable sharing publicly in the group, you can email me your questions or message me. I'll either address it in the Q & A anonymously, message you back, or I'll schedule a call with you to discuss -- whichever is appropriate.

Proprietary process: Following our proprietary process you'll spark joy and start on your own joy journey. You'll get clear about WHO you want to be and what gives you purpose so that you no longer chase after joy but instead find joy right where you are and the way you experience life.

What You'll Receive:


Bonus #1: Private Facebook Group where you can connect with other empty nesters, get all your questions answered, access replays of training, download resources and more.

Bonus #2: Kick off your joyful empty nest chapter with a fun celebration at the end of our time together.

Bonus #3: Plus, when you complete your SPARK Playbook by following the steps in the five modules and show up to at least three of the four live trainings, you’ll also receive a *complimentary 3-night holiday (value up to $1050) you can use to reset, celebrate, and kick-off your new joyful empty nest chapter. (* Recipients of the complimentary 3-night holiday will receive luxury hotel accommodation room rate free of charge, which retail is valued at up to $350 US per night, however recipient is responsible for all other expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food & beverages, gratuities, resort fees if applicable and any other personal or miscellaneous expenses. While you must activate your certificate for your free accommodations within 30 days, you have 18 months to use it. This is NOT a timeshare, so you won't have to listen to a presentation or jump through any other hoops. After activating, log in online and search for your destination and choose when you want to go. You'll need a minimum 30 days advance notice to book.)

Guarantee: I'm so confident you're going to love the SPARK Experience, that I offer a money back guarantee. If you aren't thrilled with the value I provide, I offer you a refund on any remaining part of the program. I just ask that you really give the SPARK Experience a try before asking. Simply turn in your completed assignments for any content released before your refund request to show that you've given this your best effort and I'll refund your remaining investment right away. And you’ll get to keep the Spark Experience Playbook, even if you want a refund. Consider it my thanks for saying yes to this incredible experience.

What others are saving about the SPARK Experience:

“The first time I spoke to Cindy about how my empty nester experience was going, I confided in her that I felt I was just passing the time until I died. The Spark Experience gave me tools to ignite joy when I’m having a moment and helped me to figure out a plan that has me excited about what’s next. It is the perfect mixture of connection, fun, and self-discovery.”

- Sondra Cernigliaro

“Cindy has a deep understanding of helping empty nesters. When your kids leave home, when you retire, or have a major life change at the age you weren't expecting changes. How do you move forward? SPARK gets you to peel back the layers and discover what makes you YOU! She helps you find the fun in living in the newest chapter of your life.”

- Julie Hutson

“I loved everything about the SPARK experience! I hate to admit this but I always felt like the ugly duckling and today I felt beautiful! So thank you for giving me that feeling! Meeting such amazing women! I felt so comfortable with them and they are truly beautiful souls. I never felt like an outcast or "trying" to connect with anyone; it was natural and organic! Most importantly, it felt like a safe environment to have open dialogue which can be a challenge or maybe not happen as fast as I felt it did when you are bringing total strangers together.”

- Shawn Collins

Wishing you a joy-filled empty nest chapter of life filled with meaning and connection,

Cindy Cyr


P.S. Have questions? Let’s get on the phone and have a conversation. You can schedule a call with me (Cindy Cyr) by filling out the form below:

Are you an empty nest woman who feels directionless, lonely, and like your life lacks inspiration…

Without the daily role of taking care of your kids?

Next SPARK Experience Starts May 22nd 

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