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Empty Nest Experiences

Events thoughtfully designed to reignite your passion, inspire you, and rediscover what sets your heart on fire through exploration, storytelling, resources, and connection

The Spark Experience

Are you an empty nest woman who feels directionless, lonely, and like your life lacks inspiration without the daily role of taking care of your kids?

Discover how to Spark Joy to smother out the feeling of emptiness and ignite a more meaningful purpose by creating your SPARK playbook, in thirty days or less, where you reconnect to your pre-mom self so you can experience twice the meaning, connection, and joy in your day-to-day life now that the kids are gone.

What's Included?

Live Group Training

Reignite your best qualities, feel inspired, and discover how to find and create JOY even in your darkest moments. You'll be able to interact directly with other women ready to put the SPARK back into their lives and SPARK Experience creator Cindy Cyr to help you find direction, reset and explore your inner most desires in your life so you'll no longer feel stuck in a sea of sadness or emptiness because you'll be too busy enjoying things that matter to you, bring you joy, and make you feel grateful. 

Process the emotions you're experiencing in your empty nest and utilize this SPARK Playbook to help you overcome stress, anxiety, sadness, and the empty nest blahs. You'll use this to peel back the layers, find what's holding you back and what excites you, and design your ideal empty nest chapter so that you can fly and set your heart on fire doing things you're madly in love with while dumping what drains you. 

S PA R K  Playbook


Quickly recalibrate to the joy default whenever you are experiencing a down moment with our handy checklists.

Proprietary Process

Following our propriety process, you'll spark joy and start on your own joy journey. You'll get clear about WHO you want to be and what gives you purpose so that you no longer chase after joy but instead find joy right where you are and in the way you experience life.

Empty Nest Experiences

Spark Joy From Within

And much more!

**Live and virtual experiences available.

Coming Soon...


Rediscover Yourself

Connect with like-minded women, enter a journey of self-discovery, and have a blast along the way

Expand Your Legacy

Interested in diving deeper into your takeaways from The Spark Experience? Joining Legacy is all about expanding on your vision of who you aim to be and building out your ultimate legacy.

Meet Regularly

Think "SPARK Experience," but with regular meetings & touch points!

Join the Spark Legacy

More info coming soon...

Expand on Your Vision from the Spark Experience

Take what you learned about yourself in the SPARK Experience and spend more time exploring your passions to build your legacy.

Explore Your Passions

Experiences that Guide You in Building & Exploring New Passions

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