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Find Joy, Live on Purpose,

Feel Significant

Spark Joy and Create a Life You're Excited About Now that the Kids are Gone

Spread the Joy Challenge

Coming soon! Join our FREE monthly Spread the Joy Challenge where we challenge you to spread joy through an activity or gesture for others. Each month we’ll post a new challenge for you. Follow the instructions, post a picture of yourself doing the activity, tag us on social media @thejoyfulemptynester and use the hashtag #spreadthejoychallenge for a chance to win prizes.

The Spark Experience

The Spark Experience is a live or virtual event where empty nest women gather to explore, celebrate and connect with the woman they want to be by applying the SPARK Method that helps them rediscover passions, figure out what’s holding them back, and light a spark that gets them fired up for what’s next now that the kids are gone.

Shape Your Legacy

This is YOUR time. Life is short, so let's make the most of it by thoughtfully building our legacies together through exploration, storytelling, resources, and connection.

The Joyful Empty Nester

Spark Joy From Within

The Joyful Empty Nester

Experience Twice the Meaning,

Connection & Joy

Events thoughtfully designed to reignite your passion, inspire you, and rediscover what sets your heart on fire through exploration, storytelling, resources, and connection

Cindy has spoken to conferences, associations, companies, and parent groups. If you're looking to find a keynote speaker who can deliver inspiration infused with entertaining stories that tug at your heartstrings, then Cindy is your choice. 

Keynotes that Spark Joy

The Joyful Empty Nester Logo

I had the great fortune to attend the Spark Experience and found it invaluable! Not only was it fun, but also probing in a very useful way. The series of journaling exercises, self reflection, as well as brainstorming and sharing moments really resonated with my next goals. I would highly recommend joining these opportunities to become more inspired women.

Stevee Espling

Olympics Technical Official

I loved everything about the SPARK experience!  The photo shoot was amazing!  I am usually shy when it comes to pictures -- I hate to admit this but I always felt like the ugly duckling and today I felt beautiful! So thank you for giving me that feeling! Meeting such amazing women!  I felt so comfortable with them and they are truly beautiful souls. I never felt like an outcast or "trying" to connect with anyone; it was natural and organic! Most importantly, it felt like a safe environment to have open dialogue which can be a challenge or maybe not happen as fast as I felt it did when you are bringing total strangers together.

Shawn Collins

Executive Director & VP Morgan Chase Bank  

Cindy has a deep understanding of helping empty nesters. When your kids leave home, when you retire, or have a major life change at the age you weren't expecting changes. How do you move forward? SPARK gets you to peel back the layers and discover what makes you YOU! She helps you find the fun in living in the newest chapter of your life. 

Julie Hutson
Graphic Designer


What Our Clients Are Saying

Created by Cindy Cyr

Queen of Joy

Expert in Self-Discovery


One of America's Top Marketing Strategists

Rediscover Yourself

Connect with like-minded women, enter a journey of self-discovery, and have a blast along the way

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